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Top 20 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Agent!

1. Our extensive knowledge helps enormously with trip planning. We’ve got the inside knowledge on every type of holiday, ranging from European tours, bike tours, Nile River cruises and everything in between. We can guide you on how long to allow for travelling, the best way to get around once you’re there, how much time you will need in each city etc.

2. We offer valuable advice and suggestions. We have been to where you are trying to get to or we have listened to the feedback of other customers. We can provide you with plenty of ideas on where to go and many useful tips that will make your trip extra special.

3. We are often cheaper especially for complicated itineraries.

4. You have consumer protection, as we have membership in the Travel Compensation Fund. We also act as a consumer advocate, so if there is a problem during the trip, we clarify the fine print on penalties and restrictions.

5. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, simply call us and we will rebook your onward flights. This sure beats calling an airline or queuing at the check-in desk to sort it out yourself.

6. If you need to reschedule, we can ask airlines to make changes to your tickets without fees.

7. Seat assignments for VIP passengers. We call the airlines for exit row requests, otherwise pre-seating is done.

8. Another pair of eyes – how many times do we get asked to book a flight for say Monday May 17 except that the 17th is a Sunday?

9. You have access to 24-hour service. Our mobile is on and handled by our own staff, not outsourced to an overseas call centre.

10. We have an extensive list of personal contacts for favours and waivers. We have more clout than the average customer.

11. We know your preferences, and can store your credit card details, passport number, frequent flyer details to save you retrieving them each time you travel.

12. We offer the convenience of one-stop shopping to handle all facets of the trip, saving you the trouble of co-ordinating them yourself.

13. We save you from the stress of worrying whether you have covered everything you need to arrange.

14. We receive the latest information regularly from the travel community on hotels, airlines, cars, visa and other travel services.

15. Documentation- we’ll help prepare and organise your documents.

16. Trip cancellation – if you need to cancel, you can do so with one phone call.

17. We offer plenty of valuable travel hints and tips such contacts for shopping, eating tips and tricks, how early you should be at the airport and what you need to know about airport security etc.

18. You get to tell the agent what to do. You are the boss.

19. We can act as a back-up distributor of documents. We can keep copies of your passport and cards.

20. We give advice and assistance on visa applications and USA visa waiver requirements.

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons why it’s simpler, easier and often cheaper to arrange your travel through us.

Contact us today for personalised travel advice that ensures that all the fine details are looked after with accuracy and care.

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