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Director and Founder of Food and Wine Travel

Director and Founder of Food and Wine Travel

Karen Ridge is an incredibly well travelled food and wine lover who has 20 years experience in the travel industry.  She began Food and Wine Travel  in 2008 in response to a need she saw in the travel market for unique, memorable, individually tailored holidays, based around food and wine experiences.

Karen knew it was vital to have high quality, dependable travel operators and suppliers in the countries her customers would visit. So she made a point of visiting, selecting and qualifying each one, and developing relationships with people she could depend upon.  She can now count on these suppliers to provide all Food and Wine Travellers with a truly superior experience.

Growing up in Victoria’s wine regions amongst “foodies” ensured Karen’s love of food and wine from a very young age.  She followed her passion and enjoyed fine gourmet experiences in some of the world’s best foodie haunts. She is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about good food and good wine and loves sharing the benefits of her experience with discerning travellers.

For 10 years Karen ran the incredibly successful Jetset Mildura, winning many awards for her innovation, success and enthusiasm.  In addition to her two decades in travel, Karen is also a passionate wine enthusiast with world-wide knowledge of wine.

Karen knows that package tours are not everyone’s cup of tea. Food and Wine Travel prefers to design tours to suit you rather than force you into a situation that doesn’t really suit you or your needs.  Her customers appreciate the finer things of life, enjoy quality food and wine and know that she will ensure they have the best possible experience on their gourmet holiday.

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