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Olives and hesian
from $4,248

Spain, Andalusia – Gourmet Experience

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Experience Spain's culinary delights with a gourmet tour through Andalusia where you will get a taste of the local food and wine. Enjoy the rural hotels located in perfect locations to enjoy the scenery and the peaceful atmosphere of the different countrysides…

Ham Spain
from $2,192

Spain, Andalucia – Escape to the vineyards of Corboda

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Discover Andalucia’s winemaking history on this fantastic long weekend Spanish experience. Familiarise yourself with the Montila and Corboda Wine Regions while enjoying the local and unique Andalucian Culinary delights…

from $4,772

Peru, Multiple Regions – Gastronomic Peru

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Discover Peru’s culinary delights and agricultural diversity through food markets and traditional cooking classes. Visit markets in Lima, Arequipa, Cusco and Sacred Valley. Catch the Vistadome Train to Machu Picchu and experience a guided tour of the…

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The Curious Cuisine of Uzbekistan

Umas Uzbek Cuisine

Though the nation of Uzbekistan is relatively new, gaining independence only after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, their culture is one of the most ancient and refined in Central Asia. One particularly distinctive and well-developed aspect of…

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