What We Do

Experience the Food and Wine Travel difference


We are a travel agent.

First and foremost, we book travel arrangements. But - and this is the difference - we combine it with the theme of food and wine to give you a truly immersive experience at your destination.

Think of incorporating activities such has wine tastings, visits to food artisans, cooking classes, food and wine matched dinners, meetings with wine makers, visits to vineyards and wineries and local market tours alongside your normal sightseeing.

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You can literally TASTE your destination!

Mostly we specialise in sending people to Europe, but other countries have emerged over the years as Karen has visited new countries, and these now appear on our site. Her knowledge spreads further than Europe, with firsthand experience and contacts worldwide.

The focus of Food and Wine Travel is on designing travel experiences for couples, families and small groups of like-minded people.

Packages are created as examples of what is possible and listed on this site and are completely customisable. We are also able to create perfect itineraries based on your request, so you can truly Taste the World Your Way


The Food and Wine Travel Difference

Unique Travel Experience

Your time with Food and Wine Travel is a tailor made, immersive experience that will reveal the uniqueness of your chosen region. Far from standard touristic tours, we bring you close to the people of the region as you delve into the aromas and flavors of local wines and cuisine. You will enjoy a unique mix of experiences traveling at your own pace, with no stress, no rushing, no lines, and no crowds or big groups.

Travel Deeper

Every country has a soul. Our bespoke itineraries put you in touch with this authentic soul made up of vibrant culture, sensations, and flavors. You'll discover much more than just monuments and museums! You'll explore lively markets, visit centuries old vineyards and learn the secrets of local chefs; you will meet artisans who keep ancient traditions alive and hear first hand from vignerons how the local wines obtain their unique character. Discover the famous, and emerging wine regions of the world and bring home experiences you can't find in any guidebook.

Choose Quality not Quantity

We believe small details make a big difference. That's why we are proud to be a boutique company with the ability to fully dedicate our attention to your holiday plans, giving them all the care they deserve. We love to talk with you, to listen to your needs and ensure everything is created according to your preferences. We know every moment of your holiday is precious and therefore we promise you will have our complete care and personal assistance both before and throughout your entire trip.

Make a Sustainable Choice

Traveling with us is a sustainable travel choice because we value local connections. We search for, select, and create a network of local partners who excel at what they do-from small boutique accommodations to local high quality producers. We strive to enhance their efforts to preserve and improve the quality and traditions in each featured region. Avoiding tourist traps, we highlight and support the work of local and independent entrepreneurs by creating visibility and traffic for their businesses.

Ensure Financial Security

Planning a holiday is a true investment. It is your ability to create a future memory for yourself and your loved ones. For this reason we take the security of your money very seriously. Booking your holiday with Food and Wine Travel, a 100% Australian company, ensures that your holiday investment is safe. We don't take risks booking online, rather we deal directly with suppliers who we know personally. Additionally we are a member of the Book Safe program which protects the clients of our business in the very unlikely event of supplier failure. Click here to view more.