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Gail and Geoff Spain & Portugal September 2013

Thank you for planning a wonderful trip.
We had a great trip saw everything possible, ate lots of different food and talked to people from all different parts of the world.

We loved the hotel and Barcelona the tapas night was great as was the cooking class and enjoyed the day trip to Montserrat (which was only the first of some very interesting buildings). Gaudi was out of this world to look at and how he planned water saving in the planned garden/housing complex that was not finished was way ahead of its time.
Granada was lovely and the hotel was Geoff’s favourite. The Alhambra was calming and beautiful.
We were surprise to see how lovely Seville was and I thought the hotel there was the most interesting of all the hotels. Cordoba was fabulous.
Lisbon was lovely and maybe one place I could have spent another day in but the side trips were great and interesting.
The river cruise was wonderful and a good break after the first 2 week of full on exploring. The staff were just great as they did not seem to have known that they had English speaking passengers. The rest were French or from Luxemburg. The purser from the cruise Solanger(I think that is how you spell her name) was so helpful and did everything to kept us informed and try to get us to join in with the shipboard activities, although Geoff was quite happy to just stay on board and watch the time go by out on deck. The food was great too. I would recommend the trip to anyone although we did not take many of the excursions, it was just so relaxing.

San Sebastian was great and the ladies at the food and wine group were really great and very helpful. The guide we had for the pinxtos and cooking class was very entertaining and knowledgeable great personality and the food, it was presented in such a way that I tried dishes I would not have thought of having in a million years.

I found Madrid overpowering, (maybe I was a little worn out by then) so many people so I was glad that we had the day trips. Geoff thought Segovia was the best although my favourite places in the tour were Alhambra and Cordoba.

Once again thank you for all the hard work.

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