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Dr Peter Scholefield


It is hard to believe we have been home for almost a week, but it really does take a while to sort things out and get back into some sort of routine again.

Thank you for organising such a perfect trip for us.

The highly personalised arrangements, good hotels etc matched perfectly with the fascinating people, countryside food, and history.

The most indulgent part was the speed boat from the Victoria Hotel at Chau Doc to Phnom Penh. Just Pat and I were in this timber-lined launch with a driver, relieving driver and a man to serve us refreshments along the way.  When we walked down the jetty at the hotel in Chau Doc there were a lot of people waiting to get on  bigger boats and we were headed in this direction when we were called to this smaller boat and off we went!!

The cars, guides (all excellent),drivers and personal service also was something we could easily get used to! The Trails of IndoChina team could not be faulted.

The horrors of the many wars, the resilience of the people over generations and their capacity to get on with life is a lesson for us all.

One thing that is a bit of a worry is all of the foreign investment/aid from China, Japan, and lots of other countries that surely must have some dangerous strings attached.

Examples were the new road from Saigon to Cambodia (Chinese funding), and the new subway rail system in Saigon (Japanese funding).

Thanks again for looking after us.

Regards, Peter and Pat.

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