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Offers for Nashik, India

India, Multi-Region – Food, Wine & Cultural India

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From AUD: $3,369

Duration: 14 Days

India is synonymous with spices & ‘curry’ but its cuisines are as varied as its people. This private tour will see you visiting different cities in India, tasting authentic local delicacies from street food to the food of royalty. Learn about various cuisines, the art of cooking them and enjoy them with locals. Additionally you visit the ‘Wine Capital of India’, Nashik to take a tour of vineyard & enjoy wine tasting. All combined cleverly with the sights of each region, including the Taj Mahal.

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India, Multi-Region – Indian Wine Tour

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From AUD: $2,946

Duration: 11 Days

Wine tourism is emerging in India. For those who look for new wine regions and want to stay ahead of the curve, consider a visit to a truly colourful nation where you can combine wine, food and ancient history. India is a vibrant and fascinating country, with a growing wine industry and accompanying tourism offering.

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