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Rosemary C, Italy (September 2013)

Hi Karen, I am settling back into my life back here but I have to say my trip was everything and more than I was hoping for. Your arrangements and choice in accommodation were outstanding and perfect. This enabled me to be introduced into world travel as a single person with a huge desire to do it again. It was an excellent idea to be eased into Italy with Jim’s tour, very relaxing and his knowledge of Italy gave me the confidence to take on those 6 days in Rome. The tours and especially the cooking day with the “yummy Fabio” will leave me with wonderful memories. (I am having a girls Italian lunch on Tuesday to show my friends the Italian Delights I have experience) I could go on but seriously I found everyone very helpful and pleasant. I did not once feel nervous or threatened in any way I was aware that I was on my own and did not take too many risks, but I was confident to turn the next corner to see what was there. With huge gratitude Rosie.

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