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Jacqui R

Just to say hi and a great big thank you for making our Italian holiday so enjoyable and relatively stress free! Your amazing organisation and attention to detail had us on planes, trains, boats and generally finding our way with ease.
The hotels were pretty much as we would have expected, small, quiet and with supportive hosts….
The Tuscany week was great. We loved the opportunity to sit back and be taken to such great places to really spend time exploring the medieval villages and eating and drinking such great food and wine without having to worry or make too many decisions beyond what was on the menu!

Treviso with Carlo was fabulous. He is also such an engaging and great guy with knowledge, patience and expertise. We thoroughly enjoyed the two days out and about with him. Especially the prosecco area, fabulous hills and wines. We would highly recommend this area ( as you told us! ) to spend more time in.
And lastly Menaggio. This was a perfect place to relax and revive before heading home. Just lovely. This little town would have to be the best we saw on the lakes. I would highly recommend it as the place to stay in the general area. Our accommodation was perfect.

All in all our time spent on the food and wine packages were the most enjoyable and relaxed, being out in the countryside is certainly less rushed and more our style… we couldn’t have found all those lovely places, eaten all that great food or drunk the wine without the great hosts.

Thank you again for making our trip as stress free as possible. I am so glad to have you doing all the hard work…bookings, connections, trains, and tours… It all worked perfectly.

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